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Freedom monster club is a "free material site for monsters that are difficult to use" and "a clubhouse for monsters that are not accepted by the world."
The monsters of this service can be used freely regardless of the medium. It can be used as a focal point on websites, lively posters and booklets, accents on birthday cards, etc.
Let the monsters adventure in your daily life.

Freedom monster clubとは、「使いどころに困るモンスター達のフリー素材サイト」であり「世の理から受け入れられないモンスター達のクラブハウス」です。
当サービスのモンスター達は媒体を関わらずご自由にお使い頂けます。 webサイトのワンポイント、ポスターや冊子の賑やかし、誕生日カードのアクセント等用途は問いません。


Terms of service(利用規約)

The materials of this service can be used free of charge for personal, corporate, commercial, and non-commercial purposes without credit notation as long as they are within the scope of the following terms of use. Commercial use is also possible, but sales etc. in which this material is used as it is is prohibited. Please use it as part of the design as a material.

当サービスの素材は下記の利用規約の範囲内であれば個人・法人・商用・非商用目的に問わずクレジット表記を記載せず無料でご利用頂けます。 商用利用も可能ですが、当素材をそのまま利用した状態での販売などは禁止とさせて頂きます。 あくまで素材としてデザインの一部にご利用下さい。

Terms of Prohibited matter(禁止事項)

Use of the free materials in this service for the following purposes is prohibited.
Use for purposes contrary to public order and morals.
● Use for offensive, discriminatory, sexual, or extreme content that damages the material or the image of the author.
● Use related to anti-social forces and illegal/criminal activities.
●Selling or redistributing the material itself as a product or content, or using it as a billing element in a game or application.
●Other cases that the author deems inappropriate

●素材自体を商品やコンテンツとして販売・再配布を行うこと、 またはゲームやアプリケーション内の課金要素としての利用


The materials of this service can be used for free, but all copyrights are owned by Freedom Monster Club (https://freedommonster.club)
Regarding materials, you can use the materials posted on this site regardless of whether they have been processed or not, but there is no transfer, transfer or abandonment of copyright.

当サービスの素材は無料でご利用頂けますが全ての著作権はFreedom Monster Club(https://freedommonster.club)が所有しております。

Other questions(その他の質問等について)

If you would like high-resolution data of this material,
It is possible to provide it in Illustrator format (vector file), so please contact us using the contact information below.




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